Useful Hebrew Words

Whenever you go to a foreign country, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local language and customs. Most people in Israel speak English, but, with the influx of Jews from the former Soviet Union, you’re almost as likely to run into someone who speaks just Russian as Hebrew. Even if you aren’t fluent in the language, natives usually appreciate it when visitors make an effort to speak in their native tongue. Below are a few common Hebrew phrases that will help you get by in Israel. If you don’t learn anything else, memorize “Please,” “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.”

hello sha-LOM
goodbye sha-LOM
good morning BO-ker TOV
good evening erev TOV
goodnight lie-lah TOV
see you later le-HIT-rah-OTT
thank you to-DAH
please be-va-ka-SHA
you’re welcome al low da-VAAR
I don’t speak Hebrew AH-NEE lo m’dah-BEHR ee-VREET
Do you speak English? at-TAH m’dah-BEHR ang-LEET?
money KES-sef
bank bahnk
yes ken
no loh
excuse me slee-CHA
wait REG-gah
what mah
when mah-tie
where is AY-fo
How are you? ma shlomcha? (masc.)
ma shlomech? (fem.)
I’m fine be-se-der
See you later le-hit-ra-ot
to the right ye-mi-na
to the left smo-la
straight ya-shar
bus o-to-bus
taxi ta-ksi (mo-nit)
market shuk
newspaper i-ton
How much does it cost? kama zeh o-leh?
Where’s the bathroom? Ay-fo ha sher-u-teem?
expensive ya-kar
cheap zol
post office do-ar
postcard glu-ya
stamps bu-lim
correct (right) na-CHON
doctor ro-feh
hospital bet kho-lim
police mish-ta-rah
breakfast a-ru-chat bo-ker
lunch a-ru-chat tzo-ho-ra-yim
dinner a-ru-chat erev
restaurant mi-sa-da
salad sa-lat
fish dag
chicken oph
french fries chips
menu taf-rit
waiter mel-tzar
meat ba-sar
bread le-khem
vegetables ye-ra-kot
salt me-lakh
pepper pil-pel
water ma-yim
egg be-tza
ice kerakh
ice cream gli-da
milk kha-lav
plate tza-la-khat
knife sa-kin
fork maz-leg
spoon kaf
napkin ma-pit
wine ya-yin
beer beera
vegetarian tsim-cho-ni
check chesh-bon
coffee ka-fee
glass kos
today ha-yom
yesterday et-mol
tomorrow ma-khar
week sh-vu-a
month kho-desh
year sha-na
Sunday yom ri-shon
Monday yom shey-ni
Tuesday yom shli-shi
Wednesday yom re-vi-i
Thursday yom kha-mi-shi
Friday yom shi-shi
Saturday sha-bat
one a-khat
two shta-yim
three sha-losh
four ar-ba
five kha-mesh
six shesh
seven she-va
eight shmo-ne
nine te-sha
ten e-ser
twenty es-rim
thirty shlo-shim
forty ar-ba-im
fifty kha-mi-shim
sixty shi-shim
seventy shi-vim
eighty shmo-nim
ninety ti-shim
one-hundred me-a
one-thousand e-lef

Arabic is also the official language of Israel, so consider picking up some Arabic phrases as well. Arab speakers will also appreciate hearing you say min fadlak ( please ), shokran ( thank you ) and ahfwan ( you’re welcome ).

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