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Yael Kagan ( President )
Gama Tours, Inc.

With 20 years of travel industry experience, Yael has acquired an expertise in strategic and tactical travel operations. Yael started her path in the travel industry as a student at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, Israel at the College of travel and tourism. Yael continued working for one of the biggest travel company in Israel. In 1990, Yael moved to the United states and established Gama Tours, Inc. in New York. After 3 years she opened offices in New Jersey and Florida. Gama Tours, Inc. became a primary player in the Israeli travel market. Yael is the active president for Gama Tours, Inc. operating from New York and the Boca Raton offices. Her experience as top of the line air and land operator provides for effective solutions to any travel related issue.


“We go the distance for you!” Established in 1985, GAMA Tours, Inc. became one of the largest tour operators to Israel in North America. Over 20 years of hard work and dedication on the part of our staff and associates have resulted in the most unique travel planner. Gama Tours -the handsle a variety of missions to Israel and other destinations. Our ability and buying power with air and land makes our fares attractive and affordable to other organizations as well. We specialize in Bar/ Bat Mitzvah and Family tour programs. Our ability to create a fully customized, custom tailored, Bar / Bat Mitzvah program for your family is second to none.Gama Tours places an outstanding 20 years of experience and market knowledge at your service!

Why Gamatours?

With features that no other tour operator provides, Gama Tours, Inc. is leading the tour market to Israel in both the content of its tours and the satisfaction of its travelers. Our ultimate goal is to provide families with an unforgettable experience that is both spiritual and fun. We designed our tours with every member of the family in mind, from the youngest to the oldest. Tens of thousands of satisfied travelers cannot be wrong. We have one of the highest rates of return business. Let us become a part of your family celebration by designing a custom Bar / Bat Mitzvah experience that will deliver all the Jewish values and traditions as well as unforgettable memories for your entire family. The Bottom Line Gama Tours, Inc. guarantee content-rich programs that provide outstanding value:

1.   We offer lowest cost while offer longest stay
2.   We offer Premier hotels and providers
3.   We offer Tours designed to accommodate children and adults alike

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