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March 11th, 2011
Your Israel Trip Itinerary

Israel is a relatively small country. Yet, planning a trip there will take you weeks to perfect it. Also, you cannot just hop on a plane, stay in Israel for two days and then get back on with your life. That is possible, but that would be a complete waste of time and money. In order to live and breathe Israel, you need to stay there for at least 8 days.

There are various religious and historical places to visit in Israel. It is called as the Holy Land not only to Catholics and Christians who believe in Jesus but also to the Jews and Muslims all over the world as well. The country offers variety in terms of beliefs, people, culture, cuisines, weather and ambiance.

Make the Dead Sea your very first stop in Israel. Masada is located nearby, it is also a religious and historical place you should not forget to visit. While on Dead Sea, go for the very popular Dead Sea mud massage. It is said to be therapeutic for your skin. As a precaution, do not go to the Dead Sea in the heat of summer for the water will be boiling hot, do not also go during winter for the sea is frozen by then.

Your second stop should be the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is about an hour and a half drive from the Dead Sea so it is a perfect second destination for your Christian tours to Israel. Travel here during spring or fall for the best weather condition. Also, avoid the time of Passover as much as possible for the rates in this area are very high for the peak season.

For a taste of the Israel nightlife and artistic imfluence, have a trip to Tel Aviv. A lot of Christian Israel tours make a stop over at this place. It is also a stop over for the rich and famous. Richard Gere and Madonna are only a few among those already spotted in Tel Aviv.

For a rural taste of Israel, make the Upper Galilee the last stop for your Christian Israel tours. You can go for olive picking, wine tasting or both. Just make sure you have enough money with you on your tour for the rates in Israel are a bit pricey even on the low season.

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