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March 7th, 2013
Tours to Israel: Basic Facts on Four of Its Most-Visited Cities

israel flag Tours to Israel: Basic Facts on Four of Its Most Visited Cities

Traveling around the world is never complete without tours to Israel, a land rich in culture, history, and religious heritage. If you only have a few days to absorb what Israel has to offer, you’ll need to prioritize and organize your itinerary. Thus, to help you determine which tourist spots you must not miss, take note of the following major cities in Israel that travelers frequently visit and enjoy:

Jerusalem: The Holy City

Jerusalem is more than a geopolitical capital; it is a major focal point of three of the world’s most important faiths, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. While the city has boomed into a bustling metropolis, Jerusalem maintains its old city in which numerous key shrines and holy buildings are situated, including the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Islamic Dome of the Rock, and the Jewish “Wailing Wall” on its western face. More contemporary attractions in the city include the Israel Museum and Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

Tel Aviv: The White City

If you’re a beach body and looking for a city with a thriving nightlife, look no further than Tel Aviv. It was called The White City and regarded as a World Cultural Heritage site because of the 4,000 white, Bauhaus style buildings built within the city by German Jewish architects in the 1930s . In 2010, Tel Aviv ranked ninth in National Geographic’s list of ten best beach cities in the world.

Acre: The City by the Sea

The city of Acre is a lovely rendezvous point for the old and the new, and sights of ruins and breathtaking views. It contains archaeological treasures in the form of impressive fortresses and strongholds. Located beside the mysterious Mediterranean Sea, Acre was once at par with Alexandria and Constantinople as an important port in the Middle East.

high way Tours to Israel: Basic Facts on Four of Its Most Visited Cities

Nazareth: The Arab Capital of Israel

Known to Christians as the hometown of Jesus, Nazareth’s present population is predominantly Arab citizens of Israel, many of whom are Christians. Referred to as the “Arab Capital of Israel,” this northern city boasts of a number of significant Christian sites that are promoted by agencies such as Gama Tours that offer enjoyable and affordable Christian tours to Israel

Whether you visit Israel for pilgrimage or simply to appreciate its beauty and charm, you’d never run out of historically meaningful places to see. The ancient country boasts of numerous other historical and cultural sites.

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