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Featured Tour Israel is a revered tourist destination due to Jerusalem’s significance to the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Israel Tours – Christian Tours & Israel Bar Mitzvah Tours

Israel, the land of pilgrims, treats you to a meaningful adventures highlighted by rich history and incredible sights. A popular destination for Christian tours, Israel combines history, religion and culture, making Israel Bar Mitzvah and Israel Christian tours all the more merry and memorable. Embark on a historical and meaningful journey through Israel with us. Backed by our 20 years of experience in the travel industry, we offer you various kinds of Israel tours. Whether it’s Christian tours Israel you’re after or an Israel Bar Mitzvah, we bring the beauty and wonders of Israel to you. As one of the largest tour operators to Israel in North America, we at GAMA Tours, Inc. provide you an unforgettable experience that is both spiritual and fun through our Israel Christian tours. Our Israel Bar Mitzvah and family tour programs is our specialty, and our Israel tours are specifically designed with each family member in mind. We can even organize custom tours for you and your family!

What We Offer:

Israel Bar Mitzvah Tours

Bask in Jewish history and tradition through this extraordinary celebration. Our Israel Bar Mitzvah tours are meant to give your child a once-in-a-lifetime experience as he celebrates this rite of passage.

Christian Tours Israel

Israel Christian tours allow you to rediscover your faith and enjoy a spiritual journey as you visit significant religious sites. See the ancient city, take a boat ride to Capernaum, and discover the place where Jesus performed the miracle of fish and loaves—Tabgha. Look back on the times of Joseph and Mary by visiting Nazareth where the Church of the Annunciation and St. Joseph’s workshop can be found. Retrace the significant events in the Christian religion by taking a tour to the Old City of Jerusalem, Room of the Last Supper, Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls can be found, and Bethlehem, where the child Jesus was born.

Specialty Tours

Uncover deep Jewish heritage in these Israel tours which take you to other significant places in Israel such as Mt. Carmel, Joseph Caro and HA’ARI synagogues, Scythopolis and many more. Experience all these Israel tours at low costs and with premier hotels and providers. Nobody knows Israel better than us!

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