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March 11th, 2011
Historical Fact About Israel That are Worth Knowing

Passover is celebrated in Israel every fourteenth day Nisan, a Jewish month; it corresponds to March and April on the Roman calendar. The term Passover was derived from the action of the angel of death during the time of Moses. The first curse God sent to Egypt to free His people is the death of the first born son. The Israelites were instructed to put the blood of a lamb on their doorpost so that the angel of death will not take away their first born. Thus, the term Passover was born in commemoration of this act.

Cana is another popular place in the Bible. It is where Jesus attended a wedding party and turned water into wine as asked by His mother, Mary. It is also in Cana where Jesus healed the official’s son. However, until now, no one knows for sure where the Biblical city of Cana is.

The Dead Sea is a popular body of water in Israel known before by the name of Sea of Arabah or the Eastern Sea. It is called Dead Sea because it is said that no living thing can live in it because of the high concentration of salt. The salt is also the reason why the Dead Sea has a very high buoyancy.

Holy Land tours Christian people usually take will not be complete without a visit to Jerusalem. This is the capital of Israel that is why trade, commerce and political power is concentrated in this are before and during the present times. A lot of times, Jerusalem has been captured by the enemies of the Jews. However, they manage to recapture it back time and again.

Family tours to Israel often have a stop over at the Wailing Wall. It is called as such because it is a wall where the Jews before came in order to mourn the destruction of their city, Jerusalem. Today, people still come in flocks to the Wailing Wall in order to pray.

Israel is a very special place. Holy Land tours Christian people usually take aims not only to highlight the history of the place but also the present development. Aside from religious places and artifacts there are also market squares, restaurants and farms to visit here. No wonder why a lot of people want to visit Israel at least once in their lifetime.

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