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February 15th, 2013
Exciting Tours to Israel: Experience the Sights of the Holy Land

Israel is a revered tourist destination due to Jerusalem’s significance to the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. But more than its sacred importance, Israel is a fascinating country that offers tourists many interesting sights, sounds, and tastes. One does not need to be a pilgrim to come to Israel; though a little faith in fun is necessary.

While traveling to Israel sounds like an exciting prospect, it can be hard to choose where to go, given the limited time you may have. Many of the destinations touted by local tourist officials have holy significance, and while these religious sites can be breathtaking, they don’t cater to the general, lighthearted concept of “fun” (they’re places of solemnity, after all). Getting the most out of your trip involves picking a travel company that offers complete tours to Israel, like Gama Tours. This way, you don’t just get to see the historically significant sites, but to visit places that can offer other forms of fun and excitement as well.

Experience the busy night life of Tel Aviv, the restorative waters of the Dead Sea, and the rugged majesty of the Wailing Wall—musts for every tourist in Israel. Fine selections of both kosher and halal foodstuffs also await those eager to savor Israeli cuisine. For those who love shopping while on holiday, the nation’s traditional textiles are a popular and stylish souvenir option.

Jewish visitors to the country find the prospect of learning about the land of their forefathers first hand quite exciting. Those with Jewish forefathers might want to consider joining one of the exciting Jewish tours to Israel, organized by travel agencies like Gama Tours, to better learn about the places specifically mentioned in the Torah and relive the quaint, oft-forgotten traditions of days past.

Make sure to review the tour packages different agencies offer before signing up for one. Have your travel coordinator fit equal parts cultural sightseeing and enjoying the local color into your schedule.

There’s more to Israel than religious sightseeing alone. It is a nation with a rich history, a well-preserved heritage, and a modern and highly urbanized populace. You can experience Israel—its many facets and charming contradictions—with the help of a complete tour package.

02 15 2013 Pic01 Exciting Tours to Israel: Experience the Sights of the Holy Land

02 15 2013 Pic02 Exciting Tours to Israel: Experience the Sights of the Holy Land

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