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October 29th, 2013
Bar Mitzvah tour to Israel

Make Your Son’s Bar Mitzvah More Memorable with Jewish Heritage Tours

If you’re thinking of making this event in your son’s life more significant, why not spare the party, and look, instead, into meaningful Jewish heritage tours? Bar mitzvahs are among the most momentous spiritual events in a young Jewish man’s life. A heritage tour could fit the bill perfectly.
Your son can benefit a lot from traveling to the land where his faith originated. Visiting Israel is an excellent way to truly get in touch with his roots and learn something about the history and traditions of the people. If you have relatives living in Israel, a visit by your son could help them get to know him, and strengthen family bonds.
Companies that offer these special Israel tours allow you to provide your son with a once-in-a-lifetime experience through a heritage tour. Your son can connect better spiritually by seeing the actual sights and sounds that helped shape him into who he is. He can visit the Latrun Armoured Museum to have a better understanding of the struggles of Israel.
This tour isn’t all serious, as your son could also have fun by checking out the breathtaking hills of the Golan Heights. He can have fun playing unique games with other bar mitzvah celebrants over at Bat Yaar Ranch. The trip isn’t complete without an exhilarating rafting adventure down the historic Jordan River. There are simply too many funs things to do when taking part in an extraordinary tour of Israel.
According to CNN Money, most families spend an average of 10,000 dollars on their son’s bar mitzvah. The price of a bar mitzvah heritage tour offered by companies like Gama is only a little more than 3,000 dollars per person. That’s enough money for your son and a companion.
You do not always have to noisily celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in the confines of a hotel or restaurant. You can always try touring to celebrate your son’s coming of age.

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